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September 11, 2009


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I am soooo bad a blogger. Very lazy…..twodogs


August 1, 2009

We can sleep like that

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IMG_0187Damn difficult to take photo of Ah Lu. Will take his photo in next entry.

July 26, 2009

The weekend…

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A cheaper Tim Sum alternative to Peach Blossom Restuarant at Upper Thomson…

It was our first time there and I must say we had a really good Tim Sum breakfast. S$17.20 for two and we had good food and full tummies. Definitely worth a second try.


I just chose a table randomly and turned out to be Keong’s number!

IMG_0151One hot flask of Chrysanthemum tea for just S$2! ‘Chip Chip’


The place

IMG_0153S$1.20 porridge, I love it! Toot Toot


Prawn ‘Ching Cheong Fun’. Thumbs up, prawns are fresh and crunchy and skin is silky smooth & soft but should have better chilli and not those sweet chilli sauce.

IMG_0157I did not try this, never liked them. Keong said it was not bad.

IMG_0158Piping hot, soft and fluffy dough plus sweet char siew. A tad too sweet for me though but overall good char siew bun.


My favourite! Pan fried carrot cake. Crispy on the outside and soft n hot on the inside. If not for the chilli, would have full marks from me.  wahahahah chey, machiam food expert like that.


Sesame prawn and mango roll I think. Fragrant sesame smell but the mango a bit ‘nua’.


Orange egg tarts? OK, frankly when we saw the colour of the egg tarts, we were like..erm..ok…

Then when we tasted it, we were in for a surprise! Soft, fluffy, crispy crust..Mmmhhhmm..nice tarts! But I felt they should have made it smaller. Peach Blossom still have the best egg tarts we have ever tasted.



Kaching! Service was fast and servings were considered generous for the price. Definitely worth a second visit if you are feeling for Tim Sum. Yum Yum

After Tim Sum, Keong and Dennis wanted to go fishing..I don’t want to be under the sun, stationary for 5 hours, so called my sis and we had the perfect plan. The boys -Keong, Dennis and Ben will go fishing while the ladies -moi and sis will go waxing and shopping in town! SWEET

IMG_0166My lovely sis. At KFC after our waxing session. Everyone should go for brazilian wax!! FREE and I feel for once, the vagina gets to breathe…The boys are under the hot sun while we are comfortable and enjoying the food, aircon and shopping!!!

IMG_0169Subway cookie after Yu Kee duck rice for dinner on a lazy Sunday….

The cute couple of the day – Sam and Ben10


July 20, 2009

In Shock

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July 18, 2009

Marvellous Cream

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Belgium Chocolate!!!! mixed with banana, almond nuts and fresh cream. Ice cream is made from 100% Hokkaido milk! I am so in love…

But with the waffle, it costs S$6.90.. A bit expensive for ice cream but it is worth it! The chewy ice cream texture, the light fresh whipped cream…fwah..delicious…


Add with this ‘delicious’ package, SWEET


July 15, 2009

Mini Gathering at K9 Cafe

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I miss puppyhood…..


Very cheeky Yuki






Oreo at home…








juniorAll photos taken by my new iPhone! SWEET

July 14, 2009

iPhone 3GS – 10th Jul 2009

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“Ah Boy, you can or not? The queue is very very long”

” Can la, you go home first.”

“Come take the water and food”


So good, at least he came with his friends and his parents. I was ALONE -Always Lonely ONE !

Nobody to buy drink or food for me. Nobody to ‘chope’ my ‘seat’ when I need to go toilet.  Then I thought of my pooches resting at home comfortably, ah Keong snoring away….

Time check – 12am and I havent been to the loo for 5 hours….


“Thank you all for your patience and time.  Please feel free to walk around and try on the new iPhone 3GS functions.”

Uncle with super big paunch said: ” I don’t want to see these things, I just want to get my phone and GO! ”

Aiyo, who don’t want to get and go, so many people, how to control crowd.

I said: “I NEED TO PEE!” Yes, I got everyone’s attention..

“The lady need to pee.” As if I need a translator, even got an escort to show me the way to the ladies..


Oh…the pure joy! the relief of hearing your pee pouring into the toilet bowl! The bud pulsing away… LOL . PURE BLISS and I am ready to QUEUE again! Time check 1am.

“WHAT?!” uncle with super big paunch screamed. “Another Queue!!!”

Aiya, angry also no use. I was pissed as well but also no use. Also need to queue. Queue for 6 hours already then give up just because there is another queue?! NO WAY SHIN JOO WILL QUIT at this time.

2am -finally got the iphone -no food, (they did provide bottled mineral water), super hungry and groggy.

2.30am -found myself Queueing again!!! to redeem the $30 accessories voucher.

3.30am -Home sweet home. Found black poo and Oreo dried up poo butt. Haizz a trip to the vet tomorrow and new found respect for Tan Shin Joo.

July 6, 2009

More photos from BBQ event at ECP

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More photos taken that day by Lovely Ebi’s owner. I love these photos of Tang Tang and Miss Oreo…SQUEEZE









June 29, 2009

BBQ at East Coast Park

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Oreo and Tang went to the BBQ and Tang had fun but Oreo unfortunately did not…


June 21, 2009

Clothes for sale

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Please leave a comment if you are interested. Serious buyer only.

IMG_6789Dogs are not for sale. Teehee







If the price is right, I’ll sell it! LOL

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