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July 14, 2009

iPhone 3GS – 10th Jul 2009

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“Ah Boy, you can or not? The queue is very very long”

” Can la, you go home first.”

“Come take the water and food”


So good, at least he came with his friends and his parents. I was ALONE -Always Lonely ONE !

Nobody to buy drink or food for me. Nobody to ‘chope’ my ‘seat’ when I need to go toilet.  Then I thought of my pooches resting at home comfortably, ah Keong snoring away….

Time check – 12am and I havent been to the loo for 5 hours….


“Thank you all for your patience and time.  Please feel free to walk around and try on the new iPhone 3GS functions.”

Uncle with super big paunch said: ” I don’t want to see these things, I just want to get my phone and GO! ”

Aiyo, who don’t want to get and go, so many people, how to control crowd.

I said: “I NEED TO PEE!” Yes, I got everyone’s attention..

“The lady need to pee.” As if I need a translator, even got an escort to show me the way to the ladies..


Oh…the pure joy! the relief of hearing your pee pouring into the toilet bowl! The bud pulsing away… LOL . PURE BLISS and I am ready to QUEUE again! Time check 1am.

“WHAT?!” uncle with super big paunch screamed. “Another Queue!!!”

Aiya, angry also no use. I was pissed as well but also no use. Also need to queue. Queue for 6 hours already then give up just because there is another queue?! NO WAY SHIN JOO WILL QUIT at this time.

2am -finally got the iphone -no food, (they did provide bottled mineral water), super hungry and groggy.

2.30am -found myself Queueing again!!! to redeem the $30 accessories voucher.

3.30am -Home sweet home. Found black poo and Oreo dried up poo butt. Haizz a trip to the vet tomorrow and new found respect for Tan Shin Joo.



  1. haha.. i like this.

    Comment by LN67703 — July 20, 2009 @ 11:54 am

  2. you liked the queuing part? This will be the first and last time for me..But never say never, sekali, u will see me queuing when the latest iphone is launched! the things we do.

    Comment by stjowmt2531 — July 27, 2009 @ 7:53 am

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