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June 14, 2009

Under the tree

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Motherfucking hot




June 9, 2009

34 Jalan Leban

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Steamboat with my sisters -Sam and Sarah, their blokes – Ben and Jarrod as well as Sarah’s ‘neighbour brother’ Dennis.

Chilli is good, cake is fantastic and my dear hubby is now 34 years old. Will his birthday wish come true? Will the loan get approved?

The waiting game is a painful one…

May 26, 2009

The Magic number – 29

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The days of my life from 22nd May

Friday – 22May09

1. Woke up at 7.30am because Tintin and Tang were whining

2. Gave them breakfast and ate breakfast

3. Nua at home and watch Ellen Degeneres show until 9am.

4. Shower and makeup until 10am

5. Took bus to Woodlands MRT and drop off the cheque.

6. Reach Somerset at 11.40am

7. Ate Mac and got my purple glass

8. 12pm reach Ginrich.

9. 3pm Sarah came –  not done yet.

10. finally done at 6pm.

11. Went Paragon Sushi Tei, reach at 7pm

12. 7.30pm -Yong (aka Keong) came.

13. Sin Guan and Ben came at 8pm

14. Dempsey Hill – The house at about 9pm.

15. Left at 10.30pm to Ben and Jerrys but too crowded.

16. Reached home at 12am. Phew….


Saturday – 23rd May 09

1. Woke up at 8.30am to feed the dogs

2. Went for breakfast- yummy dry prawn noodles and black carrot cake at Yishun.

3.  Reach home at 10.30am.

4. Sarah called at 11.30am to go Sentosa. Brought Junior and Oreo only.

5. Reach Sentosa at 1pm. Sarah wait at hawker there  with ‘gong gong’ look (LOL).

6. Ate chicken rice at Tanjong Beach, NO SUN!!! mostly cloudy tamade.

7. Reach home at 4pm. Nap like a pig.

8. Dog’s dinner at 6.30pm. 7pm go Causeway pt for dinner – San Chong liang Jian

9. Met Sin Guan and Ben at 9pm to watch Angels and Demons. This is an awesome show -can watch!

10. Movie end at 12am

Sunday  – 24th May 09

1. Woke up at 8.30am – yes I really do wake up this early.  Fed the dogs and went for breakfast at Woodlands Hawker.

2. Rented two horror DVDs

3. Shower Shadi and Tintin while Keong vacuum and mop the floor.

4. Slept for a while.

5. Went Yishun for dinner and family gathering

6. Went Punggol to collect food at 10.30pm.

7. Lights out at 12am

Monday 25th May 09

1. Woke up at 9am and fed the dogs. Went breakfast at KFC at Causeway pt.

2. Went to the bank to close corporate account — ByeBye

3. Went car hunting at Sun Plaza.

4. Went home and went out to Ubi to look at Trex Zotye -China car.

Costs $39499. Value for money for SUV.

5. Went Punggol market for lunch at 4plus

6. Went home at 5pm. Fed the dogs at 6pm.

7. Met Sarah 7pm at Sembawang Shopping Centre.

8. Ate dinner at Astons. Jarrod came at 8pm -thank you Jarrod!!! 🙂

9. Talk and talk until 10plus.

10. Reach home 11pm, lights out 12am…

Back to work on Tuesday 26th May 09..cant wait for my Tokidoki bag to arrive and Keong’s birthday on 31st May -another monday OFF!

May 6, 2009

Two weeks of dynamic fun

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It started on 20th Apr. I saw Mum waking up, all smiles and it is a Monday.

Ok, this means no work..Eh?! but why? Turns out our favourite aunt and uncle -Jamie and Kelvin and their loveable kids -Dwayne and Gwen will be in Singapore for the next two weeks.

This means – No Sentosa, No outings and no baths for us… *Sob*

I met those rascals when they came to Mum’s place. The boy speaks with an Aussie slang and loves to play Wii, DSlite and games…and sometimes weird games such as Poh Piah…well, he pronounced the rice roll as -CHING CHEONG FUN… LOL

The girl loves Oreo and grabs her whenever she had a chance, I can see poor Oreo trying to struggle and Oreo getting ‘mangchang’ when she could not get away. Poor me would have to suffer because Oreo bit my hair and tried to get me to help her. No way…. The girl loves to hold ah Tang as well. I can hear Tang’s heart beating so fast that it could really jump out.

Both very pretty kids and Mum and Dad seemed to have so much fun and laugh so loud with them around…

The two weeks passed quickly and true enough, no baths for us except for the three blackies but we had our walks downstairs. I kinda missed their voices and excitement in the house….I saw Mum crying on the day they went back to Australia..


Oh wells, till we meet them again…

April 12, 2009

Busy Holiday Weekend

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It was good Friday and we went Sentosa, were caught in HUGE heavy rain and we were all drenched!! But it was lotta fun. Then my pawrents had steamboat for dinner, it was an impromptu caving from our nanny.  Here are just some of the pictures.



Oreo’s son = Kiwi . He hates swimming. LOL


Tang getting emo….


Tang-guarding the slippers

Steamboat pics


special guests photo in facebook…

Lights out!

April 6, 2009

Keep the faith

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really sad news – our dear friend Lei has gone to rainbow bridge to join Muffin. You will be missed Lei…

On a side note, I decided to post some photos of the food that we eat.




waiting for our food…woohoo

March 22, 2009


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Very clever, climb up to poo….I have to admit- she does have dog kongfu moves..AH TANG’s Work..


March 18, 2009

Showers and Morning Faces

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can you guess who has showered and who has not??






Every Friday, our pawrents will sleep with us on the ‘tee lam’ in the common room, I wurve Fridays. You can see the morning faces and bad hair days in the photos. Also, I discovered a secret of Tang…She likes to sleep at WEIRD places…


HELLO NURSE!  *sniggers*



Tang sleeping on Papa’s bag of bones, then Mummy says : ‘ Eh Tang Tang, that is my job la, don’t spoil market.’  Are you going to judge my Mummy too? I think it’s funny.


Hey Junior looks almost female here.

img_9227Wahpiang, still snoozing…sibei good life this Tintin

img_9229Tintin and Papa snoring…

March 3, 2009

CNY 09 and some family photos

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Yes, I forgot to show you what the humans did during CNY this year. Just three things: 1. Steamboat, 2. Steamboat and 3. Steamboat…We had abalone and pork for our dinner. Hiak Hiak Hiak…


Mum combed us and had the boys and girls tied up with topknots. Thank god for my short fringe. LOL


Oreo with the messy look again

img_9151Tintin doesnt look too happy

img_91521TangTang, ever so calm

img_9153And for once, my tidy combed blond hair

img_9159This is how Tang drinks water….the two tiny paws will always be ‘tahan’-ing there.

And photos of our family -Mum is the one taking the photos…

img_91661Tang with the newly washed bed..please do not poo there again, Tintin hates it when you do that.

img_9177Oreo listening to Mum’s excessive chatter and Me looking bored..

img_9181Oreo is so attached to Dad, look at that..And oh..botox time

img_9182His favourite game  -fetch the blue ball. Tintin is really a fun fellow…How should I put it – he always has this fierce look about him that I find..rather endearing.

img_9183Junior, always hiding under the sofa

img_91851Getting ready for bedtime

img_9186Off to meet Mr Zhou

img_9187Good night  *Yawn*

February 23, 2009

Tang and Sweetie

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This is Tang Tang and her friend Sweetie… They have been friends since very young and their nanny has taken very good care of them. I am very grateful that Tang has joined our family. Tintin is very afraid of Sweetie though..She is so tiny but oh so MIGHTY and feisty! She bites at Tintin’s legs as well as Shadi..and Sweetie enjoys making friends with big dogs. LOL

Just a very random post and sweet picture of both of them.


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