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July 26, 2009

The weekend…

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A cheaper Tim Sum alternative to Peach Blossom Restuarant at Upper Thomson…

It was our first time there and I must say we had a really good Tim Sum breakfast. S$17.20 for two and we had good food and full tummies. Definitely worth a second try.


I just chose a table randomly and turned out to be Keong’s number!

IMG_0151One hot flask of Chrysanthemum tea for just S$2! ‘Chip Chip’


The place

IMG_0153S$1.20 porridge, I love it! Toot Toot


Prawn ‘Ching Cheong Fun’. Thumbs up, prawns are fresh and crunchy and skin is silky smooth & soft but should have better chilli and not those sweet chilli sauce.

IMG_0157I did not try this, never liked them. Keong said it was not bad.

IMG_0158Piping hot, soft and fluffy dough plus sweet char siew. A tad too sweet for me though but overall good char siew bun.


My favourite! Pan fried carrot cake. Crispy on the outside and soft n hot on the inside. If not for the chilli, would have full marks from me.  wahahahah chey, machiam food expert like that.


Sesame prawn and mango roll I think. Fragrant sesame smell but the mango a bit ‘nua’.


Orange egg tarts? OK, frankly when we saw the colour of the egg tarts, we were like..erm..ok…

Then when we tasted it, we were in for a surprise! Soft, fluffy, crispy crust..Mmmhhhmm..nice tarts! But I felt they should have made it smaller. Peach Blossom still have the best egg tarts we have ever tasted.



Kaching! Service was fast and servings were considered generous for the price. Definitely worth a second visit if you are feeling for Tim Sum. Yum Yum

After Tim Sum, Keong and Dennis wanted to go fishing..I don’t want to be under the sun, stationary for 5 hours, so called my sis and we had the perfect plan. The boys -Keong, Dennis and Ben will go fishing while the ladies -moi and sis will go waxing and shopping in town! SWEET

IMG_0166My lovely sis. At KFC after our waxing session. Everyone should go for brazilian wax!! FREE and I feel for once, the vagina gets to breathe…The boys are under the hot sun while we are comfortable and enjoying the food, aircon and shopping!!!

IMG_0169Subway cookie after Yu Kee duck rice for dinner on a lazy Sunday….

The cute couple of the day – Sam and Ben10




  1. Looks yummy! We wish pawrents will bring us there for dimsum too!

    Comment by DoDo & MoMo — July 26, 2009 @ 1:23 pm

  2. Looks yummy leh! Address address!!
    waliao brazilian… too scary… at the most dare to do bikini nia… ><

    Comment by DoMo Ma — July 26, 2009 @ 1:34 pm

    • 151 AMK Ave 5 S560151 8am to 9.30pm daily JUST Dim Sum

      Comment by stjowmt2531 — July 27, 2009 @ 1:30 pm

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